Ways to Celebrate Baby’s 1st Birthday

Baby's First Birthday

Your lovely little one has been on the planet for a whole year! This is an important milestone that you’re bound to want to celebrate. At just one year old, your baby is still too small to remember much about their birthday, but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the day as special and memorable as you can. After all, these are memories you and the rest of the family will treasure forever.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, here are some suggestions everyone will enjoy.

1. Have a party

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their baby’s first birthday with friends and loved ones? Especially after the last several months, this could be a great opportunity to get together with those who matter most to you. It also enables anyone who hasn’t yet met the little birthday boy or girl to enjoy those first cuddles!

To avoid overwhelming baby, keep the celebrations relatively low-key. Don’t invite too many people, and make sure the guests all respect the need to be calm and quiet. It’s baby’s celebration, after all, even if they won’t remember anything about it in years to come.

2. Get some photographs taken

No, not the usual iPhone snaps, cute though they are! Baby’s first birthday is the ideal time to hire a professional photographer who will truly capture the essence of this special milestone in your baby’s life. Your baby won’t stay this small for long, and you’ll want to treasure the memories that beautiful pictures can bring. In addition, professional framed photographs of baby will make ideal gifts for family and friends, too.

3. Make hand and footprints

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to immortalise those tiny hands and feet! Prints of baby’s hands and feet will look adorable framed in your home. They will also be wonderful to look back on as your little one gets older, giving them something to compare to as they grow. They won’t believe they were once that small!

4. Enjoy quality time with a book

Reading to your baby is one of the best ways to develop their linguistic skills, as well as offering all-important bonding time between you and your child. What better time to enjoy this than on their first birthday? Baby books make great birthday gifts and provide your child with a way to get even closer to you, sharing stories together. This can lead to a lifelong love of reading, which will be a hugely important gift for your child.

5. Give baby a new experience

If you don’t really like the idea of a party, you can have just as much fun with baby elsewhere. Their first birthday can be about other firsts, such as a brand new experience. Has baby never been to the beach before, or maybe the zoo? Perhaps there is a park that has always been special to you but you have not visited since baby was born. Your little one’s first birthday is the ideal time to introduce them to a new, special place that you can enjoy visiting together many times as your child gets older.

6. Buy baby a special gift

Knowing what to buy a baby for their first birthday can be extremely difficult. They will probably receive a lot of toys from friends and family, and you want your gift to be something extra-special that they can keep and remember. At the same time, a one-year-old is not particularly aware of the gifts they receive, so you want to make a practical choice, too.

A baby hamper can be the ideal first birthday gift. Containing numerous different items such as clothing, a toy, a book and more, it caters to all baby’s needs in one beautifully presented package. It can even help to make bathtime and bedtime fun! That’s a great gift for you as well as for baby!

Find more first birthday ideas

If you’re inspired by these tips and would like more ideas about baby gifts and things to do with your little one, you can find some great inspiration here on our site. We wish your baby a wonderful first birthday and hope you enjoy making precious memories together.