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Shake it! Musical instruments for babies

Music plays such an important role in baby's development. The benefits of babies and young children playing with musical instruments (specifically percussion instruments) are huge - the actions help speed up brain development, it works those gross and fine motor skills, boosts creativity, self confidence and decision making, and improves listening skills... The list goes on.

Here are some great resources to read more about the benefits of music for babies and young children: 

Babynoise Bar Bell Shaker and Duo Egg Shakers


You know the best part about musical instruments, where the baby is concerned? They LOVE them! From birth, babies will love the shake shake sounds, and when they're old enough to take part themselves, they'll love the bang bang of playing with percussion instruments. 

Musical instruments are an excellent gift for a new baby, as well as first birthdays and toddlers. We have a range of musical instruments to suit each stage, from infancy to childhood. And don't worry, we only stock instruments with delightful sounds - there's plenty of time down the road for the recorder to test your patience... For now, encourage your baby to march to the beat of their own drum!